Thermomix: 9 little-known or forgotten features

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Thermomix tutorial video

Tutorial videos make the recipe easier to understand.

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In the context of guided cooking, it is not uncommon for robots to ask the user to perform advanced cooking techniques (lining a dish, darkening a pie, browning, etc.), and to the extent that These devices are also (especially?) intended for those who do not necessarily have a lot of cooking experience; the explanatory videos make it easy to reproduce the gestures. These tutorial videos appear spontaneously and the user can skip them easily.

The two-grip bowl handle

The Thermomix bowl accommodates a slightly angular main handle which offers two different grips on the bowl. The upper part of the handle is used to remove the bowl from the motor unit and reposition it, the lower part makes it easier to pour the preparation into a dish while being gentle on the wrist. It doesn't seem like much, but you will see in practice that by holding the bowl judiciously, you will make the experience even easier.

Thermomix TM6 bowl handle

The two-sided bowl handle.

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Use the spatula to remove the steam basket

To dislodge the interior steam basket after cooking, it is recommended to use the spatula supplied with the Thermomix to remove the basket from the bowl. A small hook allows you to remove the cooking basket without burning yourself.

Thermomix TM6 spatula and steam basket

New cooking programs

The Thermomix TM6 now gives pride of place to guided cooking but, when it was launched 5 years ago, the robot cooker was a pioneer by introducing automatic cooking programs (gentle cooking, simmering, kneading, kettle, cooking, sous vide, fermentation, etc.), accessible from one of the three home screens. Depending on the updates, the Thermomix TM6 welcomes new cooking programs including cooking rice, a sauce mode and no less than five egg cooking modes (boiled, medium-soft, soft, medium-hard, hard).


As such, moreover, there are accessories compatible with the TM6 allowing you to cook several eggs at the same time and “in the best conditions“, according to the manufacturer.

Reheating mode

Designed for heating the bowl of morning milk without boiling it or baby food jars (at 37°C), the Reheating mode is especially suitable for reheating liquid (such as soups) or creamy preparations. The best thing is to use the whisk to prevent the knives from further mixing the preparations on which you still expect a little masticating.

Improved cleaning

From the automatic programs, it is possible to access pre-cleaning to rough up the work. Depending on how dirty the bowl is, the blades rotate more or less quickly and the duration of the program varies. Note, however, that pre-cleaning in browning mode is carried out at a temperature of 105°C, which is why it is forbidden to use a chemical household product such as dishwashing liquid. The use of white vinegar is strongly recommended. In any case, remember to put the cup on the bowl to avoid splashing.

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Thermomix-TM6-cooking eggs

The choice of portions

This is a feature that we have been waiting for for a long time and which is tending to become more popular on robot cookers: the choice of portions. On the Thermomix TM6, it is possible to choose the number of guests for whom you wish to prepare the recipe, so that the quantities of the ingredients adjust automatically.

Create your personalized recipe

Cookidoo's My Creations function allows you to retouch, personalize or create recipes from A to Z. Indeed, for the most experienced cooks, it is possible to modify the recipes present in Cookidoo according to the user's preferences . You can therefore decide to replace one ingredient with another, adjust the quantities as you wish, replace one accessory with another and even add a photo. The My Creations tool also allows you to directly import an existing recipe on Cookiddo, but also and above all to create your own recipe from A to Z. This can be an opportunity to give free rein to your creativity, to enter a family recipe or that of a great chef. Note that this option is only accessible if you subscribe to Cookidoo's paid subscription (€48 per year).

Ingenious accessories

The Thermomix TM6 may be a very versatile device, but it continues to acquire many functions, notably thanks to accessories from third-party manufacturers. We saw the Thermomix make coffee, spin the salad, cook eggs by the dozenbut also peel potatoes, grate or cut into slices (the latter two are signed Vorwerk). More recently, we were entitled to Thermomix Sensora connected probe which allows you to scrupulously monitor cooking carried out outside the robot cooker.

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