Good deal – RED by SFR offers packages from 2 to 300 GB from €1.99/month

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Looking for a cheap package? Whatever your budget or how much data you need, you can probably find your ideal mobile plan at RED by SFR. Currently, this low-cost operator, a subsidiary of SFR, offers no less than four no-obligation promotional plans with a data envelope ranging from 2 to 300 GB starting at €1.99/month.

Each offer presents an excellent quality/price ratio that will be difficult to compete with for any operator, even MVNOs (virtual operators). Your only challenge will be to choose the RED plan that suits you based on your needs and the amount you want to pay each month.

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Which RED by SFR package should you choose?

For small consumers who mainly use their mobile for calls, SMS/MMS and basic internet uses (e-mails, web browsing and social networks), the RED 2 GB plan is ideal. With its price of only €1.99/month, it will allow you to maximize your savings. However, you will not really have to deprive yourself on usage, because in addition to the 2 GB in 4G usable in mainland France and in the EU/DOM zones, you benefit from calls and SMS/MMS unlimited. Furthermore, if your needs increase at certain times and you have used up your data plan much earlier, you can make up to 4 recharges of 1 GB for €2. Afterwards, your internet usage will be blocked.

If you don't consume a lot of data, but a 2 GB envelope is not enough for your uses, the RED 30 GB plan is a better option. Billed at €5.99/month, therefore very affordable, this no-obligation mobile plan provides you with 30 GB of data. It also gives you access to SFR's 5G network for faster internet speeds, which can be useful if you like to play video games online or stream your series in high resolution. Note that 12 GB of the overall envelope can be consumed in roamingfrom Europe and the French Overseas Territories. In addition, you have unlimited calls and SMS/MMS to communicate without constraints with your loved ones.

The RED by SFR 120 GB plan is often cited as the best 5G plan at the moment. The reason is simple: in addition to the generous data envelope of 120 GB, as well as unlimited calls and SMS/MMS, you access 5G for only €8.99/month. It's hard to find a better proposition for a 5G plan, especially since you can use 24 GB when roaming from Europe and the French Overseas Territories if you plan to go there for the summer holidays.

Finally, the fourth option available is the RED 300 GB 5G plan. It is one of the biggest mobile plans at the moment in terms of mobile data. However, its price is quite low: only €14.99/month. We recommend this offer for intensive mobile internet users, those who watch high definition videos, regularly download large files or play online video games. With so much data and 5G, this mobile plan RED by SFR can also compensate for the lack of a fiber optic connection at home. You can use your phone as a mobile hotspot and share the connection with other devices.

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