Defective airbags: after Citroën, Opel recalls its vehicles

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For several weeks, the Stellantis group has been in turmoil and is recalling several vehicles from its automobile brands. The cause is defective airbags from the Japanese company Takata, closed in 2018, which could cause injuries. After Citroën carsit's the turn of Opel models to be recalled.

Which Opel vehicles are affected by this recall?

As always, it was Rappel Conso which published the recall sheet for several Opel cars on Friday June 21. The problem is the same as for Citröen: “The propellant used in the driver's airbag inflator may be released”. The models concerned, which may cause “injuries”are the following :

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  • Astra H
  • Astra J
  • Cascade
  • Meriva B
  • Moka
  • Signum
  • Vectra C
  • Zafira C (Rapex: 03.01.2005 – 11.06.2)

Argus specifies that 25,000 Opel Mokkas, produced between 2012 and 2015, are affected by this recall in France. However, it is possible to drive them since they do not cause accidents. Open explains that “The propellant used in the driver's airbag inflator can degrade when exposed to very high temperatures and very high humidity levels”.

“If activated after an impact, excessive internal pressure may cause the inflator to burst and metal fragments may pass through the cushion material, causing injury to occupants.”specifies the car manufacturer.

As with its Citroën brand, Stellantis has implemented a verification system on the Opel website. To find out if your car is affected by this recall, you must enter the vehicle identification number (VIN) found on the registration certificate. It is also indicated on the vehicle registration document and consists of 17 characters. For example: WOLOZCF3551123456. Obviously, the intervention is offered to customers.

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