Electric car: almost one in three owners ready to give it up according to this study

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Between the need to slow down ever more concrete climate change, the need to reduce your bill at the end of the month and governments and manufacturers who promote their use, electric cars are more and more numerous on the streets. However, to believe a study from the consulting firm McKinsey & Company, many buyers seem to regret their choice to transition to electric.

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Regrets and lack of infrastructure, especially in the United States

Conducted with more than 30,000 motorists around the world, this study includes more than 200 questions designed to better understand their opinions regarding their experience after purchasing an electric car. The main figure that emerges from this study: 29% of respondents who currently have an electric car plan to return to a combustion engine vehicle for their next purchase.

This number, however, varies depending on geographic areas. Thus, if “only” 20% of respondents in Europe think this way (18% in France), it is 46% of Americans or even 49% of Australians who are thinking of abandoning electric vehicles. A rather unsurprising contrast when we look at the first reason given, namely the lack of charging infrastructure. In France, a small country with many terminals, it is much easier to recharge than in the United States or Australia, where huge, sparsely populated areas rarely have adequate equipment for refilling with electricity. Only 9% of respondents believe that current infrastructure is sufficient.

The future of hybrids?

The other reasons given by those questioned were the excessively high cost of electricity and the difficulty of making long-distance journeys. On the other hand, the study indicates that 38% of respondents who do not drive electric would like to try it.

However, even in Europe, 100% electric vehicles are not at the party. In May 2024, non-rechargeable hybrids have seen the best growth in market share. Finally, another interesting point should be noted when we talk about alternatives: in the next 10 years, 29% of respondents in this study would like to replace their personal vehicle with other forms of transport.

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