Windows 11: Wi-Fi 7 would be reserved for Copilot+ PCs to start

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If you plan to stay on Windows 10, despite Microsoft's forcing to move to the current generation of the OS, and take advantage of the ultra-fast speeds offered by Wi-Fi 7, bad news. The technology would be reserved for Windows 11 and, to begin with, for Copilot+ PCs.

Wi-Fi 7 would first be reserved for Copilot+ PCs

Initially, Wi-Fi 7 would be exclusive to PC Copilot+ under Windows 11 24H2 as revealed Windows Latest who was able to consult an internal Microsoft document.

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Subsequently, it is very likely that other computers running Windows 11 will be compatible via the major 2024 update and that a Copilot+ PC will not necessarily be required. But the Redmond firm has not yet communicated anything on this subject.

On the other hand, nothing for those who are still using Windows 10, much more popular in terms of distribution. Which is not surprising: the same is true with Wi-Fi 6E which has not been made available to users of this version of the operating system.

Microsoft would once again confirm, with the absence of Wi-Fi 7 for Windows 10, that this version of the OS is experiencing its final hours. But above all, the company is banking on its Copilot+ PCs. As a reminder, operating system support will end in October 2025. For security updates, you will have to pay for three years.

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