Electric car: which charging networks are the most reliable for going on vacation?

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Chargemap is a free mobile application that shows you the charging stations for your electric vehicle near you or on a given route.

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Summer is just around the corner and with it, the first departures on vacation. If you drive an electric car, using a charging station is mandatory to go the distance. To better prepare your routes, Chargemap unveils its ranking of the most reliable charging networks in France.

Users concerned about reliability

Certainly, there are more and more charging networks in France, but it is not always easy to find a terminal that is reliable, in good condition and available. To start, Chargemap surveyed 2,900 people. When it comes to their biggest source of stress, respondents cite charging stations that malfunction or are defective.

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As for the ranking in terms of reliability, the opinions of more than 80,000 unique users and 225,000 ratings were taken into account over the period from January 1, 2024 to June 9, 2024, inclusive.

What are the most reliable charging networks?

In France, the Dutch charging network Fastned comes first. Chargemap specifies that reliability is based on “the ease of use, the initiation of charging, the ratio of power delivered/expected power, as well as the condition of the terminals and cables”. Tesla comes second. French companies appear in this ranking with Electra, Carrefour and e-Vadea, in 3rd, 4th and 5th places respectively. In 7th position, we find Ionity, a joint venture between the manufacturers BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Audi and Porsche of the Volkswagen Group.

Since many vacationers travel across Europe, particularly in border countries, Chargemap does not forget the reliability of European charging networks. The French company Electra is in the lead, Tesla comes second again. On the other hand, Carrefour and e-Vadea lost one place compared to the ranking on a national scale.

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