Miio extends its charging services to seven European countries!

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Miio, a Portuguese start-up which arrived in France at the end of 2022, aims to make life easier for users of electric vehicles. With this in mind, it is expanding its services from just three to now seven countries in Europe.

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What does this app offer?

Public charging is a real jungle, with many charging infrastructure operators (Ionity, TotalEnergie, Fastned, Lidletc.) and even more mobility operators, those who provide you with a card that allows you to pay at terminals (Chargemap, IonityFreshsmile or manufacturers' cards).

The cost of the charging operator is added to that of the mobility operator, in the form of a subscription and/or an additional cost for each charge, depending on the agreements made with this or that charging operator.

We told you, it’s a jungle! Basically, it's as if, when you fill up at a gas station, in addition to paying the price per liter, you pay a surplus because you are with BNP and not with Société Générale, or vice versa. on.

To complete the picture, you never know how much you will actually pay until the top-up is completed and the bill is received, sometimes well after said top-up. This is where Miio wanted to simplify the lives of its users.

In fact, the company offers terminals and displays the estimated total price you will pay depending on your car, the terminal and the charge level.

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To do this, Miio is not just a simple mobility operator. It indeed offers a route planner, still too often absent from electric models, which allows you to follow its recommendations on the place, time and duration of the stop. Then, you pay with the app and it is possible to monitor the charge level with it.

Until now only in Portugal, Spain and France and providing access to 125,000 terminals, Miio is opening, just before the summer holidays, to four other major European markets: Germany, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. This will make traveling more easily across Europe this summer on electric power with access to 247,000 charging stations.

Is this really useful?

The UFC-Que Choisir pointed the finger, last year, the major lack of price transparency that we talked about above, calling for everything to be put into perspective as quickly as possible. In fact, these price variations, which can range from simple to triple on the same terminal, do not make the energy transition as simple as it should be.

Fortunately, the European Union has taken the bull by the horns and has required, since April 13, 2024, all new fast charging terminals installed in the Union to have a clear display of the cost per kilowatt and, above all, to offer a terminal payment by bank card at each terminal, thus avoiding additional costs linked to mobility operators.

However, it will still take time before this practice extends to all charging points, leaving room for mobility operators to adapt and perhaps in turn offer more transparency, like Miio.

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