Sports betting: France warns of predictions that promise to increase your winnings

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Euro 2024 is in full swing and with it, French Internet users are getting into online sports betting. The phenomenon is not likely to stop after the football competition since the Paris Olympic Games will be held in its wake.

Distrust of tipsters' predictions

Faced with the financial risks posed by sports betting, the General Directorate for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Repression (DGCCRF) and the National Games Authority (ANJ) urge caution when dealing with prediction sites called tipsters who promise to boost your winnings very easily.

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The tax administration reveals that in 2023, the online gambling sector reached a gross gaming product of 2.4 billion euros. Sports betting represents 63% of this amount. To fight against “abusive practices relating to games of money and chance”the DGCCRF asks Internet users to demonstrate “vigilance” faced with promises of enormous gains, often relayed on social networks by influencers. Many tipster sites operate there and offer free advice or in the form of a paid subscription to guide sports betting.

Luxurious lifestyles to lure Internet users

To convince Internet users to follow their advice, these tipster sites do not hesitate to share images of luxurious lifestyles on social networks. The DGCCRF and the ANJ remind Internet users that any allegation promising to increase “the chances of winning in games of chance are misleading in nature and may constitute an offense punishable by criminal prosecution”.

This year 2024, the DGCCRF and the ANJ announce that they will continue their investigations to protect consumers as part of the reinforced control plan during the Paris Olympic Games. As a reminder, a survey showed that in 2020 and 2021, 45% of the 11 sites monitored claimed, explicitly or not, that their predictions increased the chances of winning. Criminal reports were drawn up for 4 of these tipsters.

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