“Free” games from July 2024 on PSN

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To be able to play online with your PlayStation, you must subscribe to the PSN Plus Essential service. This offer also allows you to try out a few titles chosen by Sony, at no other cost than the price of the subscription to the service (€71.99 for one year). This month, Sony seems to have focused on multiplayer since Borderlands 3 is nice solo, but is much funnier with others, just like the sports games of which NHL 2024. Finally, Among Us is an experience to be had with friends only.

Borderlands 3

“So, you like stories?”, it is with these few words that Marcus, your favorite arms dealer, opens the ball on Borderlands 3, penultimate title to date in the Borderlands license, developed by Gearbox Software. For those who don't know, Borderlands 3 is, basically, an FPS with some RPG component. The game features four characters who each have three skill trees so everyone can find the most suitable way to play. A bit like in the Diablo series, the loot takes a prominent place in a title which offers several types of weapons – pistol, shotgun, long-range rifle, missile launcher, machine gun, assault rifle… – but, literally, millions of different models, with characteristics varied. The whole point of the game therefore consists of finding the best equipment to survive in a world that mixes westerns, space operas, disaster and postapocalyptic films and numerous pop-culture references.

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Add to that a gallery of colorful characters (aaaaah, Cl4p-Tr4p and his mortal enemies, the stairs), twisted enemies, bosses who can turn out to be gigantic, vehicle phases – also fully customizable -, dialogues “unexpected” (and often in bad taste, but that's the game, my poor Lucette) and you have something to keep you entertained for hours on end even if, unfortunately, the DLCs are not included in this version. Borderlands 3 is perhaps not the best episode of the saga – experts will tell you that 2 is more successful – but it remains an endearing game which is well worth taking a look at if you don't know it not.

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NHL 24

NHL is in ice hockey what FIFA could have been for football: the video game simulation of the sport concerned, developed by Electronic Arts. We therefore find what makes this type of game successful like an impeccable production which gives pride of place to the modeling of the players and their animation. To immerse players even more, NHL 2024 benefits from a graphic design that inevitably recalls the television broadcasts of this sport adored by our Quebec cousins, among others.

Many game modes have been planned and they range from a simple exhibition match to career mode (which puts us in the shoes of a team manager or a simple player) through Chel mode. The latter is similar to the My Club mode of FIFA in which each player occupies his position throughout the game, like in a real match. If we are to believe the opinions of players collected here and there, this 2024 version seems quite different from its predecessors, particularly in terms of the checking system, more worked than on the previous opuses. specify that NHL 24 is a cross-platform title (PC players will therefore be able to play against opponents on PS5 or Xbox and vice versa).

Among Us

A real phenomenon on Twitch a few years ago, Among Us, developed by Innersloth, is similar to a game of werewolf. Several players are gathered in a spaceship and must organize themselves to repair it. But among them, one (or more) traitor(s) – called imposter(s) – are on a mission to sabotage their work. The latter can also assassinate teammates, but they must act discreetly to avoid being discovered. Because if a doubt creeps into the head of a teammate, he can call a meeting during which everyone will argue to try to provide proof of the sabotage or, on the contrary, to exonerate themselves. To take full advantage of Among Usit is of course better to try it with a group of players you know well.

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