Steam (finally) gets a tool to record and share gameplay videos

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Steam's game recording tool

Valve is finally catching up when it comes to gameplay recording on Steam.


Better late than never, the adage goes. Valve has just launched, in beta, a system integrated into Steam which allows you to record video gameplay sequences. Enough to immortalize, analyze and share your game on computer, but also Steam Deck.

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A complete system

Part recording (that's its name) allows you to start recording manually or activate continuous background recording. It is possible to set a limit of storage space used by the feature, as well as the duration and quality of the recording. Performance-wise, Valve promises that “Priority is given to the dedicated video encoding hardware of your AMD or Nvidia graphics card to minimize CPU video encoding usage.

The interface for this feature is accessible out of game, but also in game, via the Steam overlay. Compatible with all titles on the platform, it also offers a timeline with time markers (achievements, screenshots, etc.) for fully compatible games. Practical for finding your way around, going back or isolating a key moment for example. Tools for cutting video clips are also included, which then allows you to share clips directly from Steam. The MP4 file created can be sent via Steam chat, or to a device or shared using a Steam link or QR code.

How to use Steam Game Recording now?

Pending its global integration with Steam, the tool is only offered in beta. To download the beta version of the client, it's very simple. In Steam, head to Settings > Interface > Client Beta Participation and choose Steam Beta Update from the drop-down menu. After restarting the software, all that remains is to return to the settings, then Game Recording, where you will have to choose between background or manual recording.

Steam beta

The menu to activate the Steam beta.

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In the future, settings to adjust the behavior of the tool individually with each game are planned. If you are a developer, SDK and API are available to fully integrate your games into this system, and especially into its timeline.

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