The end of Windows 10 causes PC sales to rise

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Windows 10 will bow out in October 2025 and end of support pushes buyers towards the current version of the OS. According to Canalys data, the PC market shows an increase in sales, at least in the United States, caused by the upcoming discontinuation of the operating system yet more popular than Windows 11.

Increased sales to renew equipment

American customers are flocking to laptop PCs since 14.8 million units were shipped in the first quarter of 2024, an increase compared to last year. According to Canalys, total deliveries will reach 69 million before the end of the year then 75 million in 2025. The end of Windows 10 is one of the drivers of this increase since it pushes consumers but also businesses to consider the Purchasing up-to-date hardware under Windows 11, the most recent version.

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AI contributes to the increase in sales in the United States

“With a significant portion of the PC installed base still on Windows 10, the next four quarters could bring even stronger momentum to the refresh cycle.” says Greg Davis, analyst at Canalys. Spending in the United States may also have increased because “macroeconomic conditions […] have been stable for several months”.

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