This technology detects a driver's level of intoxication with 75% accuracy

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Every year, alcohol levels wreak havoc on the roads and despite awareness campaigns, there are still serious and even fatal accidents. To combat this, researchers at Edith Cowan University in Australia have designed a technology to detect drunk drivers.

75% accuracy of drunkenness level

To do this, their technology scans video images captured by so-called cameras. “intelligent”The researchers conducted their experiment on three groups with three levels of blood alcohol in a controlled environment but “realistic”. When individuals drove in a simulator, the technology scanned images of faces captured on video using current RGB standards.

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Then, facial expressions, gaze direction and head position allowed their technology to detect a state of intoxication in these drivers. And even more since the researchers are able to know the level of alcohol in the blood with an announced precision of 75% on the three levels, according to them.

The researchers say the low-resolution images are enough for their technology to work and that it could be used by roadside surveillance cameras or by law enforcement.

Limits to this detection technology

However, the researchers acknowledge the limitations of this technology since the drunk driver must be in his vehicle, therefore driving and putting his life in danger in addition to that of other road users. Their tool could be strengthened in the event of large-scale distribution by being combined with other solutions to detect motorists who are intoxicated.

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