Little-known Windows shortcut lets you launch ten programs at lightning speed

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There are many keyboard shortcuts that we use every day on Windows. However, there are so many that we ultimately know very few of them. During our wanderings on the Internet, we discovered a new one, easily memorable and very useful.

Windows key + number

The shortcut in question allows you to launch applications pinned to the taskbar and is therefore compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11. Thus, by performing the Windows key + number combination, you will launch the applications in their order after the search field. If you do Windows+1 and you haven't changed the icon arrangement, this will launch File Explorer; performing the shortcut again minimizes the associated application.

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With this shortcut, you can launch ten applications very quickly, the assignment of the number to be associated depending on the order of your pinned applications in the taskbar. A small downside, however: the numbers on the numeric keypad are not compatible with this shortcut.

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