Philips Pet Series provides food and drink for our four-legged friends

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Philips is thinking of our four-legged companions with its new range. Called Pet Series, it is made up of two products: a kibble dispenser and a water fountain. This range is designed for the comfort of cats and dogs in the absence of their owner or to better manage their food intake.

Cats and dogs fed and monitored by camera

The Series 5000 kibble dispenser is not a bowl like the others. Obviously, if the device takes care of feeding our little pet thanks to its 4.5 l tank, it does not stop there. The Series 5000 is equipped with an HD camera to follow the activity with your four-legged friend in case of absence – a bit like the Aqara Smart Pet Feeder C1 which records a video after each distribution. In fact, through the Philips application, it is possible to monitor and interact with it using a two-way audio system. Alerts are also sent to the owner's phone as soon as he has eaten or as soon as the animal is near the Series 5000 kibble dispenser.

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As the Xiaomi Smart Pet Feederthe Philips dispenser is programmable using the mobile application. The user can plan the portions distributed on a given day, at a given time. A notification also warns them when it is time to distribute the right amount of kibble. And to ensure they don't miss a meal, the level of food available in the dispenser is shown in the app, so they know when to refill it.

The Philips kibble dispenser is equipped with a camera.

The Philips kibble dispenser is equipped with a camera.

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More commonly, an airtight seal keeps the kibble away from humidity and prevents bad odors. A “anti-lock technology” makes sure to distribute the food without it getting stuck in the distribution circuit; for this reason, Philips recommends buying kibble measuring between 2 and 12 mm. To ensure that it remains upright in its boots and is not knocked over by the animal, the Series 5000 dispenser covers its base with rubber. Finally, for better hygiene, the bowl is dishwasher safe.

To program your pet's meals or leave home with peace of mind, the Philips kibble dispenser is available on the manufacturer's website for around €160.

A first water fountain that detects the presence of the animal

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