Oled TV: is marking still a problem in 2024?

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In 2019, our colleagues from Rtings had also done the test by leaving Oled televisions running for 20 hours a day for a year. A clearly extreme use which had already demonstrated that users who watch content where the pixels are in perpetual motion (video games and sports for example) would not be affected, even less by having a versatile use (regular channel changing, films and series…).

More fear than harm

Many technologies have since been integrated to limit the effects of burning. Manufacturers have notably installed better heat dissipation systems behind the panels, and developed automatic pixel scanning and refreshing tools that are carried out from time to time, when turning off the device. Some models even detect the logos of television channels and automatically dim their brightness after a certain time to avoid any image retention.

In short, if you bought your LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony or Philips Oled television in recent years, you will probably have no problem. In the worst case, rather than watching too much news, we can only advise you to relax in front of a good film… or the world curling championships.

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