After the Nokia 3310, HMD ready to resurrect the Lumia series… under Android

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HMD Global has already capitalized on the nostalgia for “mobiles” by marketing in 2017 a modernized version of the legendary Nokia 3310, then in 2018 a Nokia 8110 4G inspired by the mobile made famous by the film Matrix. The firm is reportedly preparing, according to recent rumors, to resurrecting the no less famous Nokia 321025 years after the release of the original model. But the ambitions of the Finnish firm, which owns the Nokia brand on the fringes of smartphones in its own name, don't stop there. That's not a feature phoneas these mobiles without Internet access are now called, which HMD intends to revive, but a smartphone dating from 2012.

Now forgotten, the Windows Phone operating system, itself inherited from Windows Mobile, constituted at the beginning of the 2010s a credible alternative to iOS and Android, although burdened by a flagrant lack of applications developed for it. It was to him that Nokia, which had taken the smartphone approach late and was struggling with its own system (Symbian), had turned to turn things around. The Finn had thus offered a complete range branded Lumia, certain iterations of which were landmarks, such as the 1020 model sporting, from 2013, a 41 megapixel main photo sensor. And it seems that HMD is bringing the Lumia 920 up to date, launched in 2012.

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The elements pointing to the rebirth of this smartphone are now numerous. First of all, there were leaks of information in the Finnish press, where it appeared at the beginning of June a device referred to as Skylinewhich a few weeks later appeared on the technical benchmarks site's lists Geekbench. THE leaker smashx_60 (on X) contributes to the building, revealing what closely resembles the advertising images that HMD is preparing to broadcast, during a presentation scheduled for early July.

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Nokia Lumia 920

The Nokia Lumia 920 is about to be reborn.

© Nokia

A Lumia without Nokia

What to expect from this new generation Lumia, which also seems to lose the Nokia stamp in favor of the sole HMD brand, and would shift the range into the Android universe? If we are to believe the rumors surrounding it, this HMD Skyline would be equipped with a 6.67-inch Full HD+ Oled screen (120 Hz), but also a 4900 mAh battery compatible with 33 W charging, and a triple photo module whose main sensor would display 108 megapixels. The images of the product available to date reveal a design very largely inspired by the Lumia 920, from its emblematic pop colors to its shell with very rounded edges, while Geekbench confirms that it has a Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 chip and 8 GB of RAM. Suffice to say that the smartphone would display a technical sheet capable of competing with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G, and would aim to offer an advantageous quality/price ratio.

Finally, let us point out that a second smartphone, in the same design vein, but with a less ambitious technical sheet (and in particular a 50 Mpx main photo sensor), would be on the menu. If we can reasonably doubt that there are enough people nostalgic for the Lumia era to allow the Skyline to stand out, it remains to be seen whether its intrinsic qualities will be able to convince on their own… and get HMD off the ground, whose market share does not allow it to appear in the top 5 of mobile sellers.

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