Highlander: the reboot with Henry Cavill reveals its filming date

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Henry Cavill in The Witcher

Henry Cavill will soon pick up the sword again, but not for The Witcher.

© Netflix

Although replaced at the head of the series The Witcher at the house of Netflix, actor Henry Cavill has no shortage of future projects that are close to his heart. Projects which potentially include swords. One of them is none other than the reboot of the cult saga Highlanderwhich today provides news through its director, Chad Stahelski.

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Of John Wick has Highlander

Known for directing the saga John Wick, Chad Stahelski gave an interview during the Mediterranean Film Festival in Malta this weekend. The main information to take away from this is the following: filming of this future film will begin in January 2025 in Scotland. From this Monday, the director is going to the province of the United Kingdom for the final phases of location scouting.

This new feature film will obviously be made up of a clever mix. Alongside sword fights, we will normally find action scenes with Stahelski's signature choreography. The latter is, however, an expert when it comes to depicting firearms, and the director is well aware of the challenge that awaits him with swords.

Director Chad Stahelski on the set of John Wick.

Director Chad Stahelski on the set of John Wick.

© Lionsgate Films

Stahelski says: “Swords, for me, are one of the trickiest things to handle in fight scenes because if I mess up too much with a gun, the impacts and bangs are digital so we don't have to worry about hurting anyone.

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Swords are a little trickier because I have to trust that my actors are swinging this piece of metal and hopefully not going to gouge their eyes out or stab someone.”he continues. “In every swordplay movie, someone gets speared or hit in the head. It takes a little more skill and a little more dedication. So that's always a concern.

Highlander : a saga already derived in the past

A mix of genres is also to be expected. The director says: “I love the subject, I love working on immortality and love stories through time. I think it's a great way to take a great period piece and sci-fi and mix them together.

It remains to be seen what exactly this new version will be about. Highlanderand who exactly will be the immortal character played by Henry Cavill.

Christopher Lambert in Highlander.

Christophe Lambert in Highlander.

© Davis-Panzer Productions / Highlander Productions

Besides the original 1986 film, Highlander has had other opuses featuring its immortal characters who cross the ages. Three sequels were released in 1990, 1994 and 2000.

A fifth film without Christophe Lambert was also released in 2007, only on video. A few series, in live-action and animation, as well as an animated film and novels or even video games also saw the light of day until the early 2000s.

Since then, nothing. But if this new film is a success, like the license Mad Maxthe time may have come for Highlander to experience a new life.

  • Watch the movie trailer Highlander :

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