Tomorrow, live Twitch special dubbing with Brigitte Lecordier and Emmanuel Curtil!

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Whether we like VF or are “team VO”, we must recognize that certain voices have marked the collective imagination. Besides, if you read “Magic cloud“, “Ssssplendid“, “You will not pass“, “To infinity and beyond” or “Ooh naughty“, we're willing to bet that you've heard the voices that go with it in your head. Today there are real dubbing stars like Donald Reignoux, Richard Darbois… and our two guests from tomorrow, Tuesday July 2 .

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The voices of Goku and Jim Carrey!

From 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on our good old Twitch set, Julien Vercoutère and Thibaud Gomès-Léal will be with Brigitte Lecordier, actress and artistic director, voice of Oui-Oui, DragonBall, Mon Oncle Charlie, etc., and Emmanuel Curtil, French voice of Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Matthew Perry, Ben Stiller and of course Tom Scavo in Desperate Housewives, for connoisseurs. Two cult voices who will come and talk with us about a hot topic currently in the world of dubbing: artificial intelligence.

For several months, AI has taken on a new dimension, bringing its share of advances, but also a lot of questions, even fears. Voice actors are on the front line since synthetic voices are a more than palpable threat to their profession. Increasingly sophisticated, they rely largely on what already exists, that is to say the performances of our most talented voice actors.

A petition to defend voice actors

Last May, a hashtag #TouchePasMaVF and a petition were even launched to defend this profession in danger. We will talk about this initiative with our two guests, and will discuss the profession itself, the path to get there, etc. It will also be an opportunity to test their abilities, with a short live dubbing session.

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