Windows 11: This update fixes a major bug, but reveals a new one

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Updates are not Microsoft's strong suit. It's not unusual to see a few bugs hiding in new versions of Windows, and wreaking havoc on some PCs. Moreover, last week saw the return of problems with the latest version of the company's operating system.

Taking the number KB5039302, this Windows 11 update caused endless reboots among some users, particularly among virtualization enthusiasts. This problem particularly affected people using CloudPC, DevBox, Azure Virtual Desktop or even VMware.

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Faced with this disaster, forcing victims to perform a system recovery, Microsoft had paused the deployment of the update on June 28, 2024. It was finally on June 30 that Windows 11 KB5039302 made his comeback.

Although the company appears to have fixed the problem, it emphasizes that the version is not currently deployed on machines using virtualization software. It therefore seems that Microsoft is waiting a little longer to be sure that it has removed any threat for these users.

However, the new update KB5039302 is not without bugs. Indeed, the taskbar has decided to disappear on certain PCs. We also learn that Microsoft has discovered that this malfunction concerns two types of people: those using Windows N and those who have disabled the Media Features of the control panel.

It is thus possible to correct the problem manually by writing Turn Windows features on or off in the search bar.

Knowing that version KB5039302 does not bring any major software innovations, it is recommended to wait a little longer to install it in order to avoid any inconvenience.

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