Large 33W Mecpow X5 Pro Laser Engraver with Air Pump Best Price 599€ (600x600mm) + 🎁Working Surface

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An offer on the ultimate laser engraver for your creations, even large ones, with the large 33W Mecpow X5 Pro laser engraver with air pump at the best price right now!

mecpow x5 pro 33w large laser engraver with air pump at best price
mecpow x5 pro 33w large laser engraver with air pump at best price

Introducing the 33W Mecpow X5 Pro Laser Engraver

The Mecpow X5 Prois a powerful laser engraver (33W)and versatile designed to realize your most ambitious creative projects. Equipped with a laser power of 33 W, it engraves and cuts with exceptional precision and speed a wide variety of materials, from wood and leather to plastic and even some metals. Its large workspace of 600 x 600 mm allows you to tackle large-scale projects, while its many safety features ensure your peace of mind during use.

Power and precision for exceptional results

  • 33W laser power for thicker cuts and sharper engravings
  • Ultra-fine 0.08 x 0.1 mm laser point for detailed and precise rendering
  • Blazing fast engraving speed of 28,000 mm/min for increased productivity

A generous workspace for your most ambitious projects

With a 600 x 600 mm engraving area, the Mecpow X5 Pro provides you with a comfortable working surface to complete large-sized projects. No more size limitations, put your creativity at the center of the stage!

Safety and reliability

  • Safety lock prevents operation by children
  • Emergency stop button to instantly stop the machine if necessary
  • Flame detector for optimum fire safety
  • Tilt alarm signals any unwanted movement of the machine
  • Integrated eye protection at the laser head


  • Automatic pneumatic assistance for efficient cleaning of the engraving area and better result quality
  • Effortless focusing with the laser head adjustment bar
  • Compatible with the most popular laser engraving software (MKSLaser, LaserGRBL and LightBurn) for intuitive use on smartphone, laptop or desktop computer
  • Offline operation possible via TF card and Wi-Fi connection with MKSLaser app on smartphone. Free yourself from the constraints of a wired computer!

The Mecpow X5 Pro laser engraver is the perfect companion for any creative person. With its power, precision, versatility and smart features, it will allow you to create unique masterpieces with ease.

Mecpow X5 Pro 33W Laser Engraver Promotion

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a seasoned professional, the Mecpow X5 Pro is the perfect tool to turn your ideas into unique personalized items and you should not miss the Geekbuying promotion because you can get it at the price of €599 with free shipping and a gift.

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To get the price of 599€ you must enter the promo code NNNFRMX5P(otherwise try ATMECX533 or NNNFRBONPLANMALINS)

🎁 plus currently gift (automatically added to cart) the Mecpow H66 engraving surface

Free shipping (from Europe warehouse – no VAT charges)

33W Mecpow X5 Pro Laser at Lowest Price

Main Features of Mecpow X5 Pro Laser Engraver

  • Laser power: 33 W
  • Laser point: 0.08 x 0.1 mm
  • Engraving speed: 28,000 mm/min
  • Working area: 600 x 600 mm
  • Automatic pneumatic assistance
  • Multiple safety functions (lockout, emergency stop, flame detector, tilt alarm, eye protection)
  • Compatible with MKSLaser, LaserGRBL and LightBurn software
  • Offline operation possible via TF card and smartphone app

An offer valid, while stocks last, until the end of the month.
⏩ See 33W Mecpow X5 Pro laser engraver on Geekbuying ⏪

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