Netflix: Essential subscribers will be forced to change their offer

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Netflix is ​​forcing its users' hand.

Netflix is ​​forcing its users' hand.

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The slow disappearance of Netflix's Essential offering has just passed a new stage. Several months after removed the €10.99/month subscription from its price listthe streaming platform is toughening its stance and is now forcing those who are still using it to change their formula.

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Netflix is ​​a paid subscription service and app that provides access to an online library of thousands of movies, series, documentaries, shows and TV shows.

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The end of a historic offer

It was an American client of the platform who revealed the information. on the Reddit siteafter seeing a message forcing him to change his plan appear on his television:

“Choose another plan to continue watching. The Essential plan has been discontinued, but you can switch to another one. Plans start at $5.99, with enhanced features.”

US Netflix users are being forced to switch plans.

US Netflix users are being forced to switch plans.

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Worst of all, Netflix prevents the subscriber from continuing to enjoy the platform, and forces them to choose one of the service's other offers: the one with ads at $5.99/month, the Standard offer without ads at $15.49/month or the Premium offer at $19.99. A way of forcing the hand that will undoubtedly push some users to terminate their subscription.

This situation currently only affects users from Canada and the United Kingdom, but we can expect it to arrive in France in the coming months.

If you are one of the subscribers to the Essential offer, you will therefore be obliged to choose between the very popular Standard offer with advertising at €5.99 and the Standard offer at €13.49. This will then require you to pay an additional €2.5 per month… an increase of 22%. Ouch.

Netflix's pricing schedule in July 2024.

Netflix's pricing schedule in July 2024.

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So it's soon the end of the Essential subscription, a historic offer of the streaming platform, which has been trying for years to increase the famous revenue per subscriber (Average Revenue Per Customer, or ARPU). Now to see if this (expected) decision will not cause a large wave of unsubscriptions. To be continued.

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