OnePlus 13 reportedly boasts best water resistance on market

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OnePlus 13

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Expected for the end of the year, the OnePlus 13 is already making headlines. Beyond its technical specifications and design, it is the promise of increased resistance to water and dust that is particularly attracting attention. If the rumors are confirmed, the OnePlus 13 could be one of the first consumer smartphones to obtain the IP69 standard. The standard is currently mainly used by rugged models, which are more targeted at professional or consumer uses. outdoor.

The OnePlus 12 only had IP65

The OnePlus 12 only had IP65.

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What is IP69, and why is it important?

By referring on the official rating tableIP69 is a certification that guarantees complete protection against high-pressure and high-temperature water jets, as well as resistance to dust. Currently, and even if some manufacturers struggle to grant it, the IP68 standard is the most commonly used in the smartphone industry, offering limited immersion in water and protection against dust. The OnePlus 12 itself only had IP65, meaning protection against dust and simple splashes of water, dropping the OnePlus 10's IP68. In comparison, IP69 would raise the bar in terms of durability, assuring consumers that their phone can withstand more extreme conditions.

For users, this means increased peace of mind. A smartphone with an IP69 certification could survive accidents such as splashes, immersion or prolonged exposure to dusty environments without compromising its performance or lifespan. This is a feature that is becoming increasingly relevant in a world where smartphones have become indispensable everyday tools, used in a variety of conditions and environments.

A rather tempting technical sheet

In addition to its resistance to water and dust, the OnePlus 13 could, according to the indiscretions of the leaker Digital Chat Stationadopt a design with a flat screen covered with curved glass on all four sides, and take advantage of Qualcomm's upcoming Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chip. The BBK Electronics group brand should also extend its partnership with Hasselblad and offer a complete photo component with a main module, an ultra-wide angle and a x3 telephoto lens. As for the battery, it could increase its capacity without increasing its size, thanks to the use of a silicon-carbon anode, and support 100W fast wired charging and wireless charging.

With a launch expected in early 2025 in our countries, the OnePlus 13 still has plenty of time to reveal itself. These first rumors have the merit of piquing our curiosity, and we will not fail to follow its unveiling with attention.

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