Sandman (Netflix): the new cast of season 2 will delight Neil Gaiman fans

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Sandman will soon return for a season 2.

Prepare to return to the Dream Kingdom and meet its inhabitants in season 2 of the series. Sandmanexpected soon on NetflixThe streaming platform has announced a wave of new actors in the casting of these episodes which gives clues about the plot of this second season.

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Of The Season of Mists has Short Lives

The Infinis family continues to grow for season 2 of Sandman. While little is currently known about the sequel to Dream's adventures, Netflix has announced several additions to the series' cast that indicate that the stories from the comics The Season of Mists And Short Lives will be at the heart of this second season.

“Each of his characters is as powerful as Dream – almost as clever – and far more ruthless,” series showrunner Allan Heinberg told Tudum.

So, Ruairi O'Connor (The Morning Show) plays Orpheus, the son of Dream and the muse Calliope (seen in the bonus episode of season 1). The latter is a romantic and idealistic young man, who takes after his father, and whose tragic story spans across The Season of Mists And Short Lives in comics.

Tom Sturridge (Dream) and Melissanthu Mahut (Calliope) in season 1 of Sandman.

Tom Sturridge (Dream) and Melissanthu Mahut (Calliope) in season 1 of Sandman.

© Netflix

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But that's not all, as Heinberg points out: “In the second chapter of Sandman, the Dream King will have to face the formidable rulers of Hell, Asgard, the Faeries and other distant realms.”

Freddie Fox (The Gentlemen) plays Loki, the god of chaos, while Clive Russell (Sherlock Holmes) plays the role of Thor's father, Odin, and Thor is played by Laurence O'Fuarain (The Witcher: Blood Legacy).

On the Fairy Side, Ann Skelly (The Nevers) plays the role of Nuala and Douglas Booth (The Dirt) is Cluracan. They are both royal emissaries and siblings who are complete opposites.

Jack Gleeson plays the sadistic elf Puck (also from the Fairy Court), a role whose description is reminiscent of the one that made him famous in Game Of Thronesaka Joffrey Baratheon.

In the Land of Mortals, Indya Moore (Laid) plays Wanda, a transgender woman who proves to be an indispensable guide on a road trip from the Infinites to the waking world.

Finally, Steve Coogan (Alan Partridge) lends his voice to Barnabas, the cynical dog from The Prodigal. Note that the latter is thus presented by Netflix for this season 2, but that in the comics Prodigal is in fact Destruction.

All these characters appear in the plots of The Season of Mists And Short Livestwo of the most popular albums in Neil Gaiman's saga (Good Omens), so fans of the comics can rejoice to know that the new episodes of the series will adapt them.

Sandman will soon return to Netflix.

The Sandman will soon return to Netflix.

© Netflix

The complete Infinis family

Last May we learned who the actors and actresses are who play the rest of the Infinis in Sandman. In season 1 of the Netflix seriesthe spectators were able to meet the strange members of this family which, in addition to Dream, is composed of Death/Mort (Kirby), Desire/Désire (Mason Alexander Park) and Despair/Désespoir (Donna Preston).

Added to this sibling group are Delirium/Délire in the guise of Esmé Creed-Miles, Destiny/Destiné played by Adrian Lester, and Barry Sloane in the role of The Prodigal.

If the first 11 episodes of Sandman are currently available on Netflix, it is not yet known when season 2 will arrive in front of our retinas. Late 2024 is a possibility, but the streaming platform has not announced anything yet.

While waiting to learn more, the subscribers who appreciated Sandman will be curious to discover, also on Netflix, the series Dead Boy Detectiveswhich takes place in the same universe.

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