Thermomix TM7 in the works? Vorwerk’s response

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If we rely on Vorwerk's traditional schedule, the Thermomix is ​​renewed every 5 years. Launched in 2019, the Thermomix TM6 should therefore “logically” have a successor in 2024 that the press and fans of the brand have already named “Thermomix TM7”. Faced with so much enthusiasm and impatience, we contacted Vorwerk to find out a little about the manufacturer's roadmap. Erwan Dabouis, Digital and Communication Manager, assures Digital “that there will be no new Thermomix in 2024” for the simple reason that “We currently see no urgent reason to offer a successor to the Thermomix TM6“. And to add “We do not wish to commit today to the release date of a new product for the coming years.“.

That's it! The speculations can now stop, Vorwerk sees no urgency in renewing its robot cooker. Erwan Dabouis also tells us: “We are firmly convinced that we currently have the best Thermomix of all time on the market. We therefore see no reason to launch a new product at the moment. Should we launch a new Thermomix in the coming years, we will keep you informed in due time.“.

Accessories to complete the offer

It must be admitted that with its Thermomix TM6, Vorwerk has probably found the perfect recipe. Today, the star robot-cooker does not suffer from any fatal flaws. Some might find the capacity of its bowl insufficient to prepare recipes in large quantities. But to counter this phenomenon, Vorwerk recommends buying an additional bowl to double the capacity of the bowl or to chain recipes more quickly. And it is precisely on this point that Vorwerk goes all out: the multiplication of accessories. Since the launch of the TM6, we have seen more and more accessories to make the robot-cooker even more versatile. Now, the TM6 can peel the vegetables, grate or cut into slices, cook the eggs And even make coffee. Added to this are updates of the automatic cooking programs which allow all cooking to be carried out inside the bowl. And to monitor cooking carried out outside the bowl, Vorwerk has released aa connected cooking probe to control the temperature in an oven or pan.

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