Best price Elegoo Neptune 4 Max 3D printer: €359

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Great deal on a high-performance 3D printer for ambitious projects with the current best price on Elegoo Neptune 4 Max 3D Printer a model with a large working area of ​​420 x 420 x 480mm.

Best Price Elegoo Neptune 4 Max 3D Printer
Best Price Elegoo Neptune 4 Max 3D Printer

Elegoo Neptune 4 Max 3D Printer Overview

L'Elegoo Neptune 4 Max allows you to make your 3D prints in high quality with its cutting-edge technology and printing speed of 500mm/s.

Indeed equipped with a Klipper motherboard and a 1.5 GHz quad-core 64-bit ARM processorthe Elegoo Neptune 4 Max offers print speeds of up to up to 500mm/s (default 250mm/s) and accelerations up to 8000mm/s². This power allows advanced control with features such as input shaping and pressure advancement, ensuring exceptional print quality.

With a print volume of 420 x 420 x 480 mmour printer offers you a generous space to realize your most ambitious projects. TheDirect drive dual gear extruderwith a reduction ratio of 5.2:1, ensures reliable and smooth filament extrusion, while weighing only 290g. The full titanium alloy throat tube allows for rapid heat dissipation and reduces the risk of nozzle clogging.

Connectivity wise the Elegoo Neptune 4 Max offers different options such as the WIRELESSthe reader of USB key and the connection LAN.

Elegoo Neptune 4 Max 3D Printer Promotion

This Elegoo Neptune 4 Max is the ideal tool for 3D printing enthusiasts looking for precision, large format and reliability, all for a reasonable price, because at the moment it will only cost you €359.

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Elegoo Neptune 4 Max Price Comparison

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Elegoo Neptune 4 Max 3D Printer Video

Elegoo Neptune 4 Max Features:

– Printing Technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
– Frame Material: CNC Machined Aluminum Extrusion
– Printing speed: Up to 500mm/s
– Maximum acceleration: 8000 mm/s²
– Voltage: 100-120V/220-240V
– File Transfer Method: WIFI, USB, WLAN
– File formats: stl, obj
– Interface Language: English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese
– Printing Platform Size: 430 x 430mm
– Filament Compatibility: PLA / TPU / PETG / ABS / ASA / Nylon
– Maximum Nozzle Temperature: 300 Celsius
– Maximum Heated Bed Temperature: 85 Celsius (room temperature 25 Celsius)
– Resume Printing: Yes
– Filament Detection: Yes
– Automatic Bed Leveling: 121 points

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