Forget the GeForce RTX 4090, they're making a graphics card with monstrous performance

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While waiting for Nvidia to officially unveil its next RTX 5090and in the absence of an RTX 4090 Ti or Super, the TecLab team decided to take matters into their own hands. The Brazilians decided to create a super-powerful “RTX 4090 Super” themselves. Of course, this is a technical performance “for fun”, and not a real product intended to be marketed.

A seriously improved RTX 4090

Based on an AD102 GPU from RTX 4090, this card uses an RTX 3090 Ti HOF PCB and its GDDR6X 24 Gb/s memory chips. In principle, the RTX 4090 is satisfied with GDDR6x 21 Gb/s chips. The RAM has also been overclocked to 26 Gb/s. The whole thing is of course cooled by watercooling. Enough to allow a higher frequency while limiting the temperature.

Under Unigine Superposition in 8K, after making all these modifications and changing the bios, the team achieved a score of 17,454 points, compared to 12,479 for the classic RTX 4090. That's an increase of 39%. However, without the adjustments made to the LOD (Level of Detail), which reduce graphical fidelity in order to gain performance, we will have to settle for a more realistic improvement of “only” 16%.

The feat remains impressive, while TecLab indicates having reached a maximum bandwidth of 1.2 Tb/s with its card, against 1 Tb/s for the official GPU from Nvidia.

It remains to be seen how this “RTX 4090 Super” will compare to Nvidia's RTX 5090, which may be coming at the end of the year.

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