GPT-5: OpenAI continues to tease the power of its future model

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ChatGPT is OpenAI's chatbot, based on the GPT artificial intelligence model, which can answer all kinds of questions or requests. Available in a free online version.

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The race for artificial intelligence is in full swing. WhileApple Intelligence wants to be promising, just like the future Google AI Pixel 9, OpenAI is perfecting its models. After an impressive evolution marked by GPT-4oSam Altman's firm has been making headlines for several weeks with GPT-5.

An advanced rationale for GPT-5

At the end of June we were treated to a first teaser by Mira Murati, chief technology officer (CTO) of OpenAI, who defined this new generation as a “PhD-level intelligence for specific tasks” She pointed out in passing that GPT-3 was the equivalent of a child, while GPT-4 was at the level of a high school student.

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Now it’s Sam Altman’s turn to talk about the prowess of his next generation of language model. During the Aspen Ideas Festival, the CEO of OpenAI stated that GPT-5 represented “a significant leap forward”.

He also explained that “Most of the mistakes GPT-4 makes are because it can't do much in the way of reasoning, sometimes going completely off the rails and making a stupid mistake that even a six-year-old would never make.”.

The reasoning would thus be the flagship evolution of GPT-5 compared to GPT-4, thus making interactions with generative AI fairer and richer.

A voice assistant to keep you waiting?

In the meantime, OpenAI is working on its voice assistant, which has already sparked a heated debate due to its strong resemblance to Scarlett Johansson's voice.

At the end of June, the company explained on Twitter/X having postponed the launch to the fall so that the functionality could address “safely and efficiently” the demands of its millions of users.

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