What is Noplace, the social network that is all the rage right now?

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The idea behind NoPlace is quite simple: to reconnect with the Internet of yesteryear, that of sharing and meetings, without succumbing to the dictatorship of “likes” and subscribers, all around a platform that is attractive to younger generations. It is in fact a current version of MySpace, which allows the creation of fully customizable profiles, while restoring the “social” of social media to its former glory.

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Until yesterday, it was necessary to be invited to NoPlace in order to benefit from its various features. Today, the application is public to all users, and the appetite for another form of social network seems real, since it is already the most downloaded on the App Store in the United States. In France, it will take a little more time, NoPlace is currently ranked 40th among the most downloaded social applications on the App Store (note that Threads is in first place at the time of writing).

Putting social back at the heart of the social network

NoPlace had already made headlines a few months ago thanks to its feature allowing users to customize the colors of their profile, a highly nostalgic feature for anyone who remembers MySpace. Founder Tiffany Zhong made a point of making her application a “fun and magical” space: “I think that magical and fun part of the internet is gone now, everything is very uniform.” she begins.

The main goal of NoPlace is to reconnect people with each other.”We all watch different content and we all have different interests than our friends, so finding a sense of community is harder today.“, announces Zhong. To counter this feeling, NoPlace wants to establish itself as a space in which each user can follow and converse quietly with their friends. The social network thus emphasizes the sharing of statuses on the activities and interests of each person, all coated with fun functions to anchor the younger generation in its regular use.

It is thus possible to enter your astrological sign, your personality type, your favorite hobby, and even includes a “Top 10 friends” section which will be reminiscent of the Top 10 of MySpace.A decade ago, Facebook was a way to keep up with friends through cute life updates. But we don’t have that anymore. You can follow people on Instagram, but those are just highlights, not updates.” adds Zhong.

For now, NoPlace is more akin to Twitter and MySpace than Facebook, since the emphasis is clearly on text: it is not currently possible to share images or videos on the network. However, there is no doubt that the absence of likes and this more casual approach to social media should impose the application as a breath of fresh air in an increasingly competitive environment.

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