Google Maps brings long-awaited feature to iPhone, perfect for avoiding fines

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Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps is an online service and a free mobile application for GPS navigation that allows you to create routes (car, bike, public transport), save maps, find points of interest, etc.

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With roads changing without transition from 50 to 30 km/h in town, fluctuating between 80 and 90 km/h outside built-up areas depending on the department, or variations between 130 and 100 km/h on certain sections of motorway, it is not uncommon to be fined for a lack of attention.

GPS navigation apps offer handy tools to help you stay up to date. Google Maps and Apple Maps display speed limits, and Waze goes further with visual and audible alerts when speed limits are exceeded.

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However, Maps does not treat its users the same way. Indeed, only those with an Android device can see the speed limits. On iOS, nothing like that. Recent information has finally confirmed the arrival of the function on iPhones very soon.

A Redditor has indeed shared on the GoogleMaps subreddit that the speedometer is available on his work phone, an iPhone 14 Pro. However, it is missing from his personal smartphone, an iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Google thus seems to be testing the reliability of its functionality on certain iPhone models before a global deployment. For the moment, the Mountain View firm has not communicated on this subject.

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