Company Creates Nuclear Button Battery That Can Last for a Century!

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Button batteries are also entitled to their technological development, and not just a little. The Californian company Infinity Power is said to have developed one of these batteries so that it works thanks to the energy produced by the radioactive decay of nickel-63. The performance of this “nuclear button cell” would exceed 60%, much higher than the usual 10%. In addition, the company anticipates that such a battery could operate for at least 100 years.

Improving power to conquer space

According to Infinity Power, this nuclear battery could be used in technologies where recharging or replacing the battery is difficult or impossible, such as during space missions or in implants in the human body. To do this, the company still needs to work on the power of its discovery. Today, only a few milliwatts, Infinity Power hopes to develop a whole range of nuclear batteries ranging from nanowatts to at least kilowatts.

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China and the United States in the lead

Earlier this year, Chinese firm Betavolt Technology also unveiled its nickel-63 nuclear button cell. With a different technology to convert the decay energy into electricity, it has a power of 100 microwatts and is targeting 1 watt by 2025.

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