Mobile packages: the average price has never been so low for two years

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Despite the price increase of several mobile packages in recent months, the average displayed is the lowest in two years according to data from the Ariase barometer. In July 2022, it was €15.42 compared to €11.34 in July 2024.

A lower average than ever in July 2024

The Ariase barometer data is based on the monthly cost smoothed over 24 months of a package with more than 10 GB of data “for a new customer, SIM fees included”All major operators are taken into account in this study: Free Mobile, Bouygues Telecom, Orange and Sosh, SFR and RED by SFR.

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For the past year, the drop in the average has been greatly felt. But as the Ariase barometer specifies, this trend will not last. A gradual increase is expected by the end of autumn before the spring promotional offers which will cause a new drop.

SFR is the operator that is lowering the general average the most with its RED offers, which are very aggressive in terms of prices. The company being in troublethis strategy allows it to reach new customers.

Price increase for fiber subscriptions

On the other hand, for fiber subscriptions, the average is €28.87 in July 2024 compared to €25.42 in July 2022. Peaks were reached last November and December with around €35. Prices are likely to increase gradually in the same way as those for mobile plans, by the end of autumn.

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