Promotion €129.99 for a pack of 10 rolls of Creality Hyper-PLA filament

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A good deal for 3D printing enthusiasts: a set of 10 rolls of Creality Hyper-PLA filament for only €129.99. A deal not to be missed to boost your creative projects! 🎉

Promotion €129.99 for a pack of 10 rolls of Creality Hyper-PLA filament
promotion lot of 10 rolls of creality hyper pla filament

Why choose Creality Hyper-PLA filament?

As a 3D printing enthusiastI've always looked for materials that combine speed, precision, and strength. Creality's Hyper-PLA filament checks all of these boxes and more.

1. Ultra-high printing speed

THE Creality Hyper-PLA filament promises an impression 10 times faster than classic PLA. Thanks to its high fluidity and its rapid cooling formulayou can reach speeds of up to 600mm/s. To boost your productivity and accelerate your projects.

2. Accuracy and stability

Even at high speeds, Hyper-PLA filament maintains a exceptional dimensional accuracy. Her thermal stability reduces shrinkage variations, ensuring sharp, precise prints.

3. Increased resistance

With a superior toughness to traditional PLA and a higher tensile strength than ABS, Hyper-PLA is ideal for models that require a high structural load capacity.

The Benefits of Creality Hyper-PLA Filament

Diameter uniformity

Thanks to bi-directional laser measurement, the Hyper-PLA filament ensures a uniform diameter of 1.75 ± 0.03 mmensuring stable and regular extrusion.

Neat winding

Automatic winding management allows for a tangle-free printingensuring a smooth and uninterrupted printing experience.

Eco-responsible packaging

Creality adopts a environmentally friendly packagingcontributing to reduce carbon emissions and to protect our planet.

Optimal compatibility with Creality and other printers

Hyper-PLA filament is highly compatible with all Creality brand 3D printers, making it perfect for a wide range of applications: prototyping, figurines, machine parts, and even mass production.

Creality Hyper-PLA filament 10 kg pack promotion

Right now on Geekbuying you can buy this 10 kg lot for €129.99 including shipping using a promo code.

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Colors available in the set:

This promotional bundle includes 10 kg of filament in various colors to satisfy all your creative desires:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Peach pink
  • Gray
  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Skin color
  • Green
  • Strawberry red 🍓

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Technical specifications

Here are some technical specifications for the detail lovers:

  • Wire diameter : 1.75 ± 0.03 mm
  • Net weight : 1 kg per roll
  • Density : 1.25 g/cm³
  • Tensile strength (XY): 52,991 MPa
  • Traction modulus (XY): 1146.064 MPa
  • Elongation at break : 6.304%
  • Flexural strength (XY): 92.381 MPa
  • Flexural modulus (XY): 2490.178 MPa
  • Printing temperature: 190-230°C
  • Heated bed temperature: 25-60°C
  • Print speed: 30-600 mm/s
  • Compatible printing platforms: Carbon silicone bed, PEI bed, textured paper, PVP solid glue

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frequently asked Questions

1. Is this filament compatible with printers other than Creality?

Yes, although optimized for Creality printers, Hyper-PLA filament is compatible with most 3D printers using 1.75mm filament.

2. Can I really print at 600mm/s?

Yes, thanks to its high fluidity and rapid cooling formula, Hyper-PLA filament allows ultra-fast printing while maintaining high precision.

3. Does Hyper-PLA filament require a heated bed?

Although the filament can be printed without a heated bed, a bed temperature between 25 and 60°C is recommended for optimal results.

Don't miss this exceptional offer and Speed ​​up your 3D printing projects with the Creality Hyper-PLA Filament 10 Rolls has 129.99€. Hurry, stocks are limited! 🚀

⏩ See the 10kg Creality Hyper-PLA lot on Geekbuying ⏪

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