Apple Intelligence: The total fusion between Siri and artificial intelligence is not happening right away

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On June 10, Apple held its WWDC 2024 conference, during which the Cupertino company was able to announce the creation of Apple Intelligence and the integration of many expected features into Siri. All consumers were then expecting to be able to enjoy these additions as soon as the next iPhones were released, simultaneously with the next big update, iOS 18. Finally, Apple announced some surprising news: Apple Intelligence will not be available with iOS 18. “Due to regulatory uncertainties caused by the Digital Markets Act (DMA), we do not expect to be able to roll out three features – iPhone Mirroring, SharePlay Screen Sharing enhancements, and Apple Intelligence – to our users in the European Union this year.” we could then read.

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No Apple Intelligence in its finished version before 2025

The main software selling points for the next iPhones are therefore falling through, but only temporarily. According to renowned Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, Apple plans to release its new AI-related features by next spring. This would not be a first: the Apple brand sometimes tends to roll out its new features piecemeal. The rarity of such a decision is mainly due to the fact that it is a flagship addition for the next iPhone models, scheduled for release this fall.

It's still possible that some features related to Apple Intelligence and Siri will be added, but the bulk of the update won't be rolling out until next year. For now, we have no idea which features will be integrated first. This should become clearer as Apple releases its beta versions of iOS 18. Version 18.4 should therefore be the most important for the next generation of Apple smartphones, since it is in this version that the bulk of Apple Intelligence functions will be integrated. Note, however, that this unexpected delay will not prevent some changes from taking place as early as the fall: Apple plans to integrate ChatGPT into Siri as early as this deadline.

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