Cars: These 8 new equipments are now mandatory on all new models

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Called Global Safety Regulation 2, the new European regulation on cars on the continent has been in force since July 7. Originally introduced to certain vehicles since 2022, it now applies to all new models sold in Europe, so much so that many cars are now leaving the sale, for lack of offering the developments required by this new regulation. This is particularly the case for the Porsche Macan, the Suzuki Ignis and the Toyota GR86.

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8 mandatory safety equipment

So, how does this new European regulation work? First, buying a new vehicle should be more expensive, and for good reason: 8 new safety features are now mandatory in every new car put on the market. Here they are:

  • Active lane keeping assistance
  • Autonomous emergency braking device
  • Obstacle detection in reverse gear
  • Driver attention loss or drowsiness alert
  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Pre-equipment to be able to install an anti-start breathalyzer
  • Data logger
  • Overspeed warning with sign reading

Among all these mandatory additions, one of them raises questions: the data recorder. The public's fear is to see this data misused. Fortunately, this tool will only be used in the event of an accident in order to determine the causes of the impact (deceleration or increase in vehicle speed, for example), the driver's information, the date or time of the accident will be excluded from this data recorder.

It is also important to note that some of this equipment can be deactivated during use, and for good reason: the alerts, if too numerous, can quickly become annoying for the driver. The ambition of this new regulation is to save 25,000 lives in Europe by 2038, to counter the 25,000 deaths each year due to road accidents in the Eurozone.

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