Solar Outdoor Camera BW400 Pro Set: Xiaomi relies on solar energy for effortless, uninterrupted surveillance

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Xiaomi is preparing for the holidays by completing its range of surveillance cameras, and has recently offered a very interesting BW400. This is the first model that the brand offers, in France at least, with an integrated solar panel. It should thus allow you not to undertake too much work to monitor the house during the holidays, and thus to be able to leave with peace of mind.

2 hours of sunshine per day to avoid charging

More precisely, the Solar Outdoor Camera BW400 Pro Set, to give it its full name, integrates a solar panel and a battery, since solar energy does not directly power the camera. It is stored, up to a limit of 10,000 mAh. Xiaomi announces up to 180 days of operation per charge, but there should therefore be no need to recharge it. Two hours of sunshine per day would be enough to make the camera “self-sufficient”. In case of rain, don't worry: the camera is IP66 certified.

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Of course, the internet connection is also done without cables, but goes through a station (provided) to be installed inside the house. This one works on mains power and can be connected to the home network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. A microSD slot and a USB-A port are provided to add a storage medium. The recordings can thus be kept locally, but outside the camera if it is ever stolen.

2K video and advanced alert filtering

Since we're talking about recordings, let's point out that the BW400 Pro offers 2560 x 1440 pixel images and has both infrared vision and a projector for filming at night, in black & white with the first and in color with the second. An HDR mode is also offered to compensate for backlighting. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the camera is also able to analyze images and filter alerts at the user's request. And Xiaomi offers many filters on this model, supposed to not only recognize people, but also animals, vehicles and even packages.

As with most battery-powered cameras, however, motion detection is not done by video analysis but by means of a passive infrared sensor, which therefore triggers the video and then its analysis and can slightly delay alerts. A microphone and a speaker complete the equipment, of course.

Xiaomi's Solar Outdoor Camera BW400 Pro Set is now available. It is sold at the recommended retail price of €149.99 with its station. For those on a tight budget, Xiaomi is also launching a BW300 camera without a solar panel or station, but still with a 4900 mAh battery, enough to film in 2K and recognize people.

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