Tesla Model 3 and Model Y: paid charging cable on domestic socket, the end of free service?

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Tesla Mobile Connector

While charging your electric car on a simple domestic socket is very long and not as secure as on a dedicated installation, it remains very practical for troubleshooting in particular. However, Tesla has just removed from the standard equipment of its Model 3 and Model Y the “mobile connector” which allows you to plug into a domestic socket. Billed as an option at €200, it remains supplied as standard on the high-end Model S and Model X models. In addition, whatever the model chosen, Tesla continues to supply the T2/T2 cable as standard, to charge on a wallbox or on the few public terminals without an attached cable.

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This decision had already been in effect for two years in the United States. Elon Musk had then justified it by the low rate of use of the mobile connector.

A rarely used but very practical cable

The public's reactions were not long in coming. Some deplore a meanness that risks scaring off new electric fans, for whom being able to charge on any socket is a reassuring element. Of course, electric car drivers have every interest in getting a dedicated installation, which greatly limits the usefulness of the mobile connector, but the latter remains very useful for charging at the destination, in the absence of another possibility for example. In addition, drivers who are satisfied with a reinforced socket, less fast than a wallbox, use this same domestic charging cable to plug in their electric vehicle.

One might fear that Tesla's decision will push other electric car manufacturers to follow the American brand's example, as was the case after Apple removed the charger and headphones from the box of its iPhones. In reality, some car manufacturers did not wait for Tesla's decision. Renault and BMW, for example, already charge for the home charging cable for their electric cars. The price of this option is €400 for both brands, which include the T2/T2 cable as standard.

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