Game Pass: Microsoft's gaming subscription increases its prices and adds a new formula

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Last year, Microsoft increased the price of the Game Pass, offering an increase from €9.99 to €10.99 per month for the classic console option. The same goes for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which saw its price increase from €12.99 to €14.99 per month, or €180 over the entire year. Today, Microsoft is announcing a new restructuring of the offer, with the addition of a brand new option and a general increase in prices, effective on July 10 for new members and September 12 for existing members.

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To create a clearer division between the different options, Microsoft now distinguishes between subscriptions that allow access to games “day one” (or on the day of their release) and subscriptions that do not. This global restructuring of the subscription could be explained by insufficient growth of the Game Pass over the past year, in particular because of a too limited Xbox console fleet and a PC market still far from the American firm's objectives.

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