Spotify Takes on YouTube with This New Social Feature

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For a few months, Spotify has been adding various features whose aim is to establish the music streaming service as an essential application to have on your smartphone. Thus, in Sweden, Spotify was able to carry out various tests in order to impose its service as an alert relay in the event of a particular event, such as an accident nearby for example.

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Today, the Swedish firm confirms its ambition to extend its flagship service to other horizons by adding a new interactive function for its users: the ability to comment on podcasts. This new feature will allow users to add comments on selected pages, in the hope of giving them the feeling of belonging to a community.

Until now, podcasts were consumed like any other audio content accessible on the platform: silently. By adding the possibility of commenting directly on podcasts, Spotify is entering into direct competition with YouTube. Indeed, until now, it was not uncommon to see that many podcast lovers go to the YouTube version of a podcast in order to add their opinion on the content in the video comments.

Involve consumers to build loyalty

The new feature has a simple logic: to encourage users to spend more time on the app. According to internal Spotify data, Spotify consumers are 4 times more likely to return to listen to a podcast if they have participated in the discussions corresponding to the show. Similarly, they tend to listen to twice as many podcasts on average compared to those who do not engage with interactive features.

The feature will be rolled out slowly, starting this week, to allow Spotify to make the moderation arrangements necessary for any such service.I think it's about striking a very important balance between some kind of creative expression, keeping people safe and ensuring high-quality conversations.” says Maya Prohovnik, vice president of Spotify's podcast division. The possibility of commenting will then be extended to all users of the Swedish platform from next month.

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