This Asko built-in refrigerator is perfect for small families

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While manufacturers offer many formats of freestanding or integrated refrigerators, it is much more difficult to equip yourself with a table top model or a French door – for example – when you want to camouflage it in the furniture of your kitchen. Asko seems to want to appeal to small families, or even families without children, who want to enjoy a beautiful equipped kitchen in which the refrigerator would be invisible because it is hidden behind a facade in harmony with the rest of the furniture.

Indeed, the RFB31231EI is a small refrigerator with a total capacity of 180 liters, 15 of which are dedicated to the freezer. The idea is mainly to save space in height since this appliance is only 122 cm high when you have to count at least 180 cm for classic combinations: enough to save space to install another appliance on top – typically, a microwave oven -, to build a cupboard to store utensils, the bottom of groceries or to create a niche that will accommodate trinkets or recipe books.

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Of course, the RFB31231EI is a little less sophisticated than the manufacturer's larger models. For example, while its “big brothers” benefit from No Frost cold without humidity, Asko uses simple ventilated cold here; consequently, it will be necessary to plan to regularly defrost the small refrigerator to avoid overconsumption of electricity and premature wear of the cold circuit. On the other hand, food is prevented from drying out in the positive cold zone, which extends its shelf life. If that were not enough, the vegetable drawer benefits from an automatic humidity level adjustment.

Very fragile foods have not been forgotten: a special drawer is dedicated to them. In this area stamped FreshZone, the temperature is maintained just above 0°C in order to store very fragile products (meat and fish) for longer without the water they contain freezing, which would harm their aesthetic, taste and nutritional qualities.

The manufacturer has planned other little extras to make life easier for the user. One such feature is a quick freeze mode that quickly lowers the temperature in the freezer in preparation for storing frozen food. Asko promises an adaptive temperature setting that, theoretically, “automatically lowers the temperature before periods of frequent use“. Finally, and this is much more banal, an alarm signals to the household that the door has been left open.

The RFB31231EI will soon be available at the recommended price of €999.

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