iPhone 16 Pro & Pro Max: Charging them should be much faster than before

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Today, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max benefit from a 27-watt charge via cable, and 15 watts via MagSafe wireless charging. Suffice to say that from this point of view, Apple remains far from direct competition: the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, for example, allows a fast charge of 45 watts. Note that some Chinese companies already offer 120-watt wired charging and 50-watt wireless charging: Apple is therefore far from certain standards imposed by the Chinese market.

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40 watts wired, 20 watts via MagSafe

Fast charging has been expected for several generations in the new generations of smartphones from the Cupertino company, but so far, this expectation has remained unanswered. However, new rumors seem to indicate that Apple would take a first step in the direction of faster charging of its smartphones for its next generation of flagships. Thus, the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max could benefit from 40-watt fast charging via the classic socket, and 20-watt charging in wireless mode via MagSafe.

It remains to be seen to what extent the increase in these charging peaks will affect the actual charging time: this is ultimately the desired effect, and the most important information to take into account in the end. According to GSMArena, the source of this new rumor indicates that this increase in the charging peak will be intended to compensate for the increases in battery capacity of the two Pro models of the next generation of Apple smartphones. In other words, Apple actually wants them to charge at least as quickly as the previous models, even if the new models will benefit from better autonomy with a larger battery capacity.

To find out more, we'll have to wait a little longer: Apple's keynote that will present the new iPhone 16 should take place in just over 2 months.

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