It is now possible to transfer photos from Google Photos to iCloud Photos

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In 2021, Google and Apple had already partnered to facilitate the transition of content from iCloud Photos to Google Photos. The reverse process has still not been implemented, and the transfer of data from Google to Apple still proves to be particularly exhausting today (sometimes requiring an individual transfer). Google announced today that such a transition would be possible, in part thanks to the Data Transfer Initiative (DTI). The latter aims to enable the creation of systems ensuring that “All of a person's data remains intact when moving from one service to another“.

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According to the DTI blog, the new tool allowing a simple transfer of data from Google Photos to iCloud Photos will be available next week. Be careful though, the transfer can be particularly long, even if it is done in the background (without you having to stay on one or the other of the applications). It is indeed necessary to count between a few hours, or even a few days (depending on the total volume of files to be transferred).

So, in concrete terms, what should you do when the tool is available? Start by going to this page Google Takeout. Then follow the instructions to start an export from Google Photos. Then select “Apple – iCloud Photos” as the transfer destination, and then sign in to your Apple ID. Finally, authorize the transfer.

Note that some accounts are not eligible for this new transfer mechanism: for example, Google accounts owned by children cannot perform such a transfer. On the other hand, Google accounts linked to work or school, as well as accounts benefiting from advanced protection cannot take advantage of this tool (which makes sense from a data security perspective). They will then have to find another way to transfer their data if they really want to.

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