Loft Story: a release date and an intriguing teaser for the “Cult” series

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Cult arrives on Prime Video on October 18.

Worship is coming to Prime Video on October 18.

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If you were born before the year 2000, you probably remember the arrival of Loft Story in the French television landscape. At the time, this reality TV show following eleven singles locked in a loft where their every move is filmed was a real phenomenon. And it is on the story of its backstage that is based Worshipa fiction (formerly titled Trash) to discover on Prime Video from October 18th.

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The birth of the loft

Worship takes place in 2001 when, as its synopsis indicates, “The World Trade Center towers are still standing and the French are world champions…” It was then thatM6 “launches its new show Loft Story. Isabelle, Raphaël, Karim and their teams have less than 4 months to put the show on the air. A crazy bet for these young producers. They are the first on the field of “reality TV” and have to invent everything.”

Cult will address the famous swimming pool scene from Loft Story.

Worship will address the famous swimming pool scene of Loft Story.

© Prime Video

There Amazon streaming platform seems to want to insist on the fact that Worship is “loosely inspired by true events”. The series thus features Anaïde Rozam (A masterstroke) in the role of Isabelle, fictional version of Alexia Laroche-Joubert, producer of the Loft and president of Banijay France, whose company Screenline is co-producer of Worship.

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The cast also includes César Domboy (Outlander), Sami Outalbali (Sex Education), Nicolas Briançon (The Goldman Trial) and Mary Columbus (As Bestas). The latter embodies the winner of the first season of Loft Storythe unforgettable Loana Petrucciani.

  • Discover the first teaser of Worship :

Created and written by Matthieu Rumani and Nicolas Slomka (Family Business)and produced by Louis Farge (Follow), Worship therefore promises to trace the behind the scenes of this media phenomenon that was Loft Story at the beginning of the 2000's.

It should be remembered that this programme, adapted from the Dutch programme Big Brother and considered to be the first reality TV show in France, exploded the audiences of M6 during its broadcast. Presented by Benjamin Castaldi, it was entitled to two seasons on the channel and the first gathered on average nearly 5 million curious people in front of its prime, and saw its finale make the audience climb up to 7.2 million viewers.

The famous Loft Story logo.

The famous logo of Loft Story.

© Endemol France

But Loft Story also created controversy, criticized for having been the height of voyeurism and sensationalism. It made even more headlines when the public got wind of a sequence, cut in the editing but broadcast on the Internet, showing a sexual relationship between Loana and Jean-Édouard in the outdoor swimming pool of the loft.

No doubt all of this will be addressed in one way or another in the six episodes of Worshipwhich is co-written by Jean-Alain Laban (The Last Panthers), with the collaboration of Marina Rollman on the dialogues (6 X Confined).

See you on October 18th on Prime Video to (re)visit the loft corridors.

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