Xiaomi is about to launch a factory… without any humans!

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Xiaomi's very talkative president Lei Jun spoke on X (ex-Twitter) about its brand new factory launched in Changping near Beijing. The latter follows a prototype, launched in Yizhuang, capable of producing 1 million units of the Mix Fold range. But as always, the Chinese company is thinking much bigger, and this time hopes to benefit from a production reaching 10 million products built per year.

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To do this, the Chinese tech giant has put in the means: this new 80,000 m² factory features 11 production lines. Lei Jun indicates that “100% of the plant's key processes are automated: we have developed our entire production and manufacturing software to achieve this“. The main purpose of this factory is to build the new ranges of foldable smartphones, the Mix Fold 4 and Mix Flip, at a speed that will surely make your head spin: a model is built every 3 seconds using this method.

A 100% independent factory

In addition to being able to diagnose problems by itself in order to better correct them later, the factory is also able to maintain a clean environment with automatic dust removal. Lei Jun is pleased about this: “The most impressive thing is that this platform can identify and resolve problems while continuing to improve the production process.“. Before concluding : “This is truly amazing, this platform blew our colleagues away when they first saw it“.

This is not the first time that a company has launched an automated factory without human assistance: the Japanese robotics company Fanuc Ltd, for example, opened its first automated production line in 2001, for example. However, with the help of artificial intelligence, this new production method seems to have a bright future ahead of it… even if it means completely putting human expertise aside.

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